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Simulate poor internet connection on iOS device or simulator

Published on:March 13, 2021 at 12:00 PM

In today’s fast-paced world, internet connectivity is crucial for almost all mobile applications. However, not all users have access to fast and reliable internet connections. As developers, it’s essential to ensure that our applications perform well under poor network conditions. In this post, we’ll explore how to simulate poor internet connectivity on iOS devices or simulators using built-in tools provided by Xcode.

So, let’s dive in and learn how to simulate poor internet connectivity on iOS devices and simulators.

iOS Simulator

To simulate different kind of networks as LTE, 3G, DSL, etc, we need to download the Network Link Conditioner tool. Look for your Xcode version and install it.*K2Z2-3FG2WJV-fO34AScaA.png

After download the .dmg file, you’ll see all available tools.*ayvD67IMIrHjeCtXaLMzew.png

Go to Hardware and select Network Link Conditioner.prefPane After doing this, we are going to see it in our system preferences.*P6XcfqApt9emJGEHSD6h7A.png

Now you can select any profile you need to simulate the scenario you want.

iPhone Device

Go to your Settings and go to Developer menu.*F_hDA6gH6p1Cv96ujENGew.png

Then select Network Link Conditioner and tick Enable*IoDmMlEYKvT_nyI31hmd3A.png

Like the Network Link Conditioner in macOS, you can choose a desired profile to simulate for example a poor connection (100% Loss), or a 3G connection and so on.*rK2WfUz5n43cjo_fzrT7DA.png

Using Xcode

We can enable this tool from Xcode. Just go to your devices and select your iPhone or iPad. You will see the Link Conditioner at the bottom to select any profile you want.

Click on start and you’ll see on your iPhone an indicator that remembers us, and we are using the tool.*1sufWM9yS6gHU9-0t-5Nnw.png

If you want to stop the Network Conditioner, select the indicator and stop it.*bRBPxzCHFdjipHghIx5XHQ.png

Don’t forget to disable the Network Link Conditioner after using it for both Mac and iPhone, otherwise your connection will be affected for your daily use.